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BLUE PORTLAND MAINE (or BPM, for those who are abbreviation-minded) originally opened in 2005 in a room half its current size. The business has changed hands only a few times since then, and each holder has helped the room evolve into a place where local, regional, and international talent perform regularly.

How does one BLUE today, and how is that different from yesterday?


More seasoned members of the BPM community will notice there’s currently an emphasis on live sound reinforcement - the goal is not necessarily to make the room louder, but to provide enough ambient support so someone at a table can say to their crew “I love this music!” or “I don’t know if I love this music!” and no one will ever know. 


This has also been part of an active effort to shift the culture of ‘listening rooms’ - we believe that ‘active listening’ doesn’t necessarily only occur in a quiet room. The exclusive relationship between quietness and listening excludes many genres of music that occupy louder spaces, and it would be disrespectful to these art forms that absolutely bring in an active listenership.


Is BPM a jazz club? 


Well, BPM does book jazz! There’s not many spaces for jazz, and we maintain jazz programming to keep the tradition alive.


In fact, we host a weekly JAZZ SESH on Wednesdays (much like in other cities) for those who subscribe to the REAL BOOK of JAZZ STANDARDS etc. People can call tunes and play the hits with a backing house band. Most of our weekend shows (Friday/Saturday) are jazz shows, but not all!


Is ‘jazz’ a bad word?


We’re no stranger to the idea that some folks are put-off by the term ‘jazz’ - should we call it modern improvised music? Strange music that goes on forever? 


Does BPM dislike jazz?


Absolutely not! We are very proud of the jazz that takes place in this room, and want to make sure jazz has great neighbors in this sonic neighborhood. We host a diverse array of events in the space ranging from punk shows to comedy shows, open mics and ticketed gigs, quiet performances and ones that have you asking for ear plugs. And that’s ok - we all wear many hats and speak different languages; there’s room for it all within our four walls. 


We invite you to join us!


Still got questions? Check out our FAQ page!

Heidi Nottonson

"An inviting and casual place to listen to music. If you want to stay for just a short while, ordering tea is a good option. The food is yummy. Dancing is welcome when the music strikes the mood."

Todd Erikson

"I had not been here for a really long time and it is AWESOME! Took a chance on a punk show and loved the room... Perfect room for an intimate show of any genre. I can't wait to PLAY here!"

Kevin Cole

"Wonderful music and performances in a small and intimate venue with a fitting atmosphere, as well as great drinks and a lovely staff. I always have an enjoyable time there!"



650 A Congress St.

Portland, Maine 04102


Tuesday - Saturday

6PM - 12AM

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