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3rd Shift + Jaded Ravins

3rd Shift plays classic rock originals paired with the soulful americana country rock of Jaded Ravins.

3rd Shift + Jaded Ravins
3rd Shift + Jaded Ravins


Jan 25, 2024, 7:00 PM



3rd Shift are classic rock afficianados.


Jaded Ravins members Kelly Ravin and Halle Jade began performing together in 2017 after Halle joined Kelly in the recording of his 5th highly acclaimed album "Engine".

Ravin, former lead singer and guitarist of  Waylon Speed now performs his soulful americana, and country rock originals with Halle Jade. Halle's tasty harmonies and Kelly's powerful voice along with their engaging entertainment style make them a dynamic and expressive duo.

Kelly and Halle, who have been called a modern day Johnny and June, perform in large and small venues from New England to Nashville. Whether they're playing at home in backcountry bars, or in big city clubs, Jaded Ravins are always ready to pour their hearts out on stage.


Doors @ 6PM

3rd Shift @ 7PM

Jaded Ravins @ 9PM

This event is donation based, bring cash to tip the bands!


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