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Savoire Faire + Forest City Swing

Savoir Faire performs jazz noir with a rock 'n roll soul and hails from the Boston music scene. Forest City Swing celebrates serious, straight ahead, no-BS jazz giving people the opportunity to experience the great feel of driving swing, framed by the tunes of some of America’s greatest composers.

Savoire Faire + Forest City Swing
Savoire Faire + Forest City Swing


Dec 16, 2023, 8:00 PM



You won’t hear any love songs in Savoir Faire’s corner of the cocktail lounge. Boston artist Sarah Fard prefers to seduce her listeners’ minds, serving them new perspectives atop melodies smooth as a whiskey sour. With her solo project Savoir Faire, Fard constructs plush headspaces for audiences to grapple with the most pressing issues of our time. Interweaving dramatic 60s noir, pointed 90s rock, classic elements of jazz, Fard’s guitar-driven music envelops listeners in nostalgia, taking a sonic step backwards to push society forwards. Her razor-sharp lyricism cuts to the insidious core of issues like misogynistic language, America’s aching and under-appreciated workforce, and reproductive rights. Delivered with her syrupy vocals, Fard’s messages will entice your attention, time and time again — right before they demand a better future.


Forest City Swing is a “house band” of 5 Maine-based musicians consisting of Gene Gil on Alto Saxophone, Nicholas Thompson-Brown on Bass, Jordan Bicki on Guitar, Clifford Cameron on Piano, and led by Mark Dumond on Drums. The band also features guest musicians and soloists from month to month.

The objective of the group is to follow the path of some of the great standards trios, quartets, and quintets of the last 30 years. Keith Jarrett’s standards trio or Joshua Redman’s quartet in the 90’s immediately come to mind – groups of musicians accomplished in their own right coming back to standards they know and love and learned on – trying to let loose, drop pretense, and kick some ass. Sharing energy with whoever is willing to listen.

At its core, this group is focused on celebrating serious, straight ahead, no-BS jazz. Its purpose is to give people the opportunity to experience the great feel of driving swing framed by the tunes of some of America’s greatest composers – LIVE.


Doors @ 7PM

Savoire Faire @ 8PM

Forest City Swing @ 10PM

This event is donation based, bring cash to tip the bands!


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