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Shareef McHack's Red White + Blue Comedy Hour

Shareef McHack has lived a dangerous life full of solicitation and loitering; he was the only middle schooler in his native town of Temple to be charged with a felony. Join him and his his unruly band of Americans for a night of laughs.

Shareef McHack's Red White + Blue Comedy Hour
Shareef McHack's Red White + Blue Comedy Hour


Jul 08, 2024, 9:30 PM – 11:00 PM



A bit about some of the comedians:

Keith Hebert is a comedian based out of Portland, ME. He is a member of the Portland Comedy Co-op and part of Compass Mouth Productions. When he's not on stage he'll occasionally be seen gazing at a piece of construction paper he has with a hand print on it that says "World's Greatest Dad." In case you wondered, the hand print is that of his child and not just some other person's hand print. We can all agree that would be pretty weird. Keith Hebert wouldn't do something like that. Keith Hebert is a good honest man. The End.

Tex Mayberry used to be a humble ranch hand but thanks to AI he’s now out of a job and in to stand up comedy.

Erick Garcia is a fresh new comic and yoga teacher based in Portland Maine. With a knack for anecdotal and observational  humor, Erick infuses laughter into everyday life experiences. Having trained under Maine comedy legend Ian Stewart, he’s been honing his comedic skills at open mics around town. A proud Portland resident for 13 years he loves everything about this city. When he is not spreading laughter at open mics you can catch him bending and twisting up his yoga students.

Amparo Randall is an up and coming stand-up comedian who originally hails from Paramount, California. When she's not on stage talking about her pets, family, and trying to understand why Disney hates stepmoms, she's running a small woodworking business with her husband in Maine.

Rosellen Earl is a visual artist and comedian. She believes in laughing in the face of darkness and the practice of living her art. She possesses a dry wit and an astute perception of human behavior. She enjoys sharing her perspectives with others through comedy as well as painting. In her free time she can be found walking her one-eyed dog, making paninis and commenting on youtube videos pretending to be Michael Jackson's ghost.

No cover charge

Starts around 9:30 after our Stories Told Live event



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