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LIVE RECORDING is the best way to get booking agents' attention because it provides insight into how you sound in REAL LIFE.


These days, anyone can record hits in a studio... but only the few and the brave expose their true colors when sharing LIVE content.


BPM is excited to announce we're officially offering LIVE RECORDING for performers in our space!

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Our live recording consists of the following: room + close mics, audio mixed and mastered. We don't offer video at this time, but stay tuned as we slowly become the premier live session recording venue in town! MTV unplugged? More like BPM PLUGGED AMIRIGHT? 


PS 'AMIRITE?' is an awesome Portland-based band, and you can listen to them here

To have your set recorded at BPM, email us your budget and we'll let you know what's possible! Note this must be communicated at least 2 weeks before your gig.


If you're interested in producing a larger project in our space, don't hesitate to reach out!


We now also offer Open Mic Live Recording for solo/duo performers!


We will track, mix, and master your audio FOR FREE. This means you can theoretically put out 40+ EP's of original music EVERY YEAR. Take advantage of this!


If you're interested in having your open mic set recorded fill out this form to secure a slot!


We'll always have slots available for walk-in performers. Our sign-up sheet goes out right when we open at 6pm!

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