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In Utero: A Radical Feminist Comedy Show

In Utero: A Radical Feminist Comedy Show
In Utero: A Radical Feminist Comedy Show


Jul 12, 2024, 7:30 PM – 11:50 PM



“One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman

-Simone Beauvoir

What is Radical Feminism?

Here’s some history :

Radical feminists helped to translate the radical protest for racial equality, in which many had experience, over to the struggle for women's rights. They took up the cause and advocated for a variety of women's issues, including abortion rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, access to credit, and equal pay.

The term today can be subjective much like comedy depending on who you ask. For us - it means that the struggle and experiences of women and other out-groups such as those in the  LGBTQ community and people of color is that we have common goals and aspirations of making the world a better place. A place that will continue to not be, if we don’t come together as a collective and if our ideas aren’t voiced and amplified.

And this is where we lead into the next question you may have had- Why have a radical feminist comedy show ?

Ideas are powerful. They can shift the paradigm. They can topple governments. And they can also make many people laugh their tuchus off. This is not your average comedy show - this is a lineup curated especially for those among us who want  be apart of something different and hear what female, queer and POC comics have to say under this current political climate. This comedy show is going to bring back the punk rock and fun to feminism that frankly you won’t see anywhere else.

Hosted by local yokel Cindianna Jones!

Special guests TBA!

Roseellen Earl is a newer comic on the Portland, ME scene but has been attending and enjoying comedy since a very early age. We are honored to have such a bright, talented and rising star among us. Her dry dark humor with her charming personality is refreshing and is definitely not to be missed!

Alex Vale (they/them) deliberately chose to be a creative director, humorist, and digital nomad, despite credible advisement from [redacted]. Raised by wolves, fairies, and unsuspecting neighbors, Alex started their comedy journey after rage-quitting recorder lessons in the 3rd grade, which psychologists believe spurred a checkered career as a band front-person, gravestone designer, theme park caricature artist, award-winning animation producer, and touring author of Epic Fail Super Win, 2nd Edition. Today they speak at universities, comedy open mics, and random all-you-can-eat Taco Tuesday joints, nationwide. They are guilty of photobombing vacation pics, and accidentally moving to different countries since 1977. Currently, they are working on a dark humor sci-fi fantasy novel, Cat Mann is PAX: Legend of the Keyholders, and release new content monthly at On full moons, they sprout a unicorn horn and smell like SweetTarts.

Sarah Mather is an up and coming comedian who has performed across New England. Sarah’s first attempt at stand up was in 2010, when she was awarded a large penis piñata for winning a comedy smut slam. Not wanting to tarnish her reputation, she took a long break before getting back into things over the last year. When she told her therapist she was going to be trying stand up again they he her “I just don’t see you that way” so now she performs out of spite. Sarah primarily jokes about her failed attempts at dating, living in Russia and China, disabilities, and working in the field of special education.

My name is AllenJ and my biggest goal in life is to spread love and joy. I got into comedy because most of my life people have been telling me how funny I am and that I should have my own show. I don't quite have my show just yet but you gotta start somewhere right. I'm originally from Detroit, MI but I currently reside in Portland, ME. I've lived in different places from coast to coast and it has been a ride. My comedy is based mostly of the silly, crazy, outrageous things that I've experienced throughout life. I feel like I have a calling to make people laugh and it makes me happy to know that I can bring joy to others. Being normal is so boring and mediocre and I'm far from it. I'm a big sassy weirdo ready to show the world what it's like living in my mess of a world. Get ready everyone because I'm gonna take you for a wild ride and you better hold on because this ride isn't for the weak nor the faint of heart.

Michelle Lisi is a local comic and writer. She lives in a terrifying old house with snakes in the walls. Please don’t tell her parents about this show.

Nikki Martin is a Maine based comedian who performs and produces shows in Southern Maine. (And has been doing it for over ten years!!) They use she/they pronouns due to gender being a construct. Catch them around trying to teach through comedy and bringing light and laughter to the queer community.

Cheech is not the Cheech you are thinking of. She’s a different Cheech. Cheech lives in Portland, Maine but self-identifies as “from Florida.” Cheech is a lawyer by day and comedian from 6-9 pm. She was in a sorority and likes to sleep and jump rope. She was the President of the Harry Potter fan club in the 5th grade and used the same speech in her 5th grade speech competition and 6th grade speech competition. She won both times so she doesn’t feel too bad about it. She also won the Bryant Moore Civil Rights Moot Court Competition in 2020 - a feat that is still spoken of in hushed, reverent tones. She cares deeply about reproductive justice and was a founding member of the University of Maine School of Law If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice chapter. She has made no significant achievements in comedy except being naturally hilarious.

Anna Conathan is a writer, comedic storyteller, personal coach, and a sternman on a lobster boat. Her turn ons are the female lobster, fine cheeses, kindness, and bourbon. Her turn offs are mass shootings, government control of female anatomy, lack of universal healthcare, and green peppers. She was featured in the Montreal and Boston Comedy Festivals, and has opened for Paula Poundstone and Jerry Seinfeld.


Doors @ 7PM

Show @ 7:30PM

$15 presale / $20 day of show

ticket required for event, no refunds or exchanges

Ticket presale ends at 10am day of show - additional tickets available at the door, bring cash!


  • General Admission

    21+ only. No refunds or exchanges.

    +$0.38 service fee
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