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Where can I find information about upcoming events at BPM?


You may view our events calendar here. It is more accurate and up-to-date than your grandmother's facebook page. 


I want to see a show at BPM - do I need to buy a ticket?


In an effort to make live music (especially jazz) as accessible as possible, most shows at BPM are donation based. We recommend a sliding scale for donations in the $5-20 range. Feeling generous? Bring more! No one is turned away for lack of funds, or as the hip new saying goes, NOTAFLOF. 


Ticketed shows are identified as such on our website - for these shows, you will need a ticket for entry or pay at the door (CASH ONLY.) 


Please note we are 21+, and tickets are nonrefundable.


I bought tickets for a show but can’t attend - what do I do?


Looks like you did not read the previous question, but that’s ok. 


Tickets are nonrefundable, and even if you can’t physically be in the space, you’re still contributing to the musicians, sound tech, and door person (which is COOL). Who doesn’t want to be cool?


I’m unsure what time the show starts?


Our website usually states a door time and a start time for the act. “Doors at 6” means our door is unlocked at 6. The performance may not start for another hour or so but if you are confused or anxious or want a good spot just come early. You can eat, drink and talk, wow!!


Where do I park?


Wherever you want/can in our small city! If you think we control the city parking division or your vehicle, we are flattered! 


I called BPM but no one got back to me. What gives?


We have a phone because Spectrum will raise our bill if we get rid of it! It’s in our basement and we rarely hear it because we are busy listening to awesome performances! Your best bet to reach us is to email

I’m confused, is this place called Blue or BPM?


It’s both! BPM stands for Blue Portland Maine! Also BPM represents a part of our mission that we’ll be sharing soon!


(P.S. we are not Port City Blue. If you remember Port City Music Hall and know that we aren’t them, you’ll understand)


Tonight’s show sounds so good - can I donate to the sound tech too?


Sound techs used to be the unsung heroes of live performance, but not anymore. We sing now, “Sound techs are the heroes of live performance!” You can totally tip the tech; see the bartender for cash to tip the band and sound tech. 


Is there a drink minimum at BPM?


There is NO drink minimum at BPM! However, we rely on purchases to keep the business running, so make of that knowledge however you’d like. AKA we won’t kick you out if you take up a table and drink water for 2 hours, but C’MON!!


How old do you have to be to attend an event at BPM?


Due to recent changes in licensing and insurance, BPM has no choice but to maintain a strict 21+ policy. It’s not our dream to exclude people under 21, so please don’t make us feel bad when we remind you of our policy in real time…


Does BPM have seating available?


Seating is available on a first come/first serve basis, and varies depending on the show. BPM does not offer reserved seating, even for ticketed events. 


Is BPM ADA accessible?


Yes! Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions related to accessibility. 


Does BPM serve food?


Yes! BPM currently offers a small-but-mighty collection of sandwiches, spreads, flatbreads, and sweets. Check out our menu!


Does BPM serve drinks?


Yes! We have a full bar menu including: beer, wine, specialty cocktails, and non-alcoholic options. Check out our menu!


I’m a performer/artist representative looking to book a gig at BPM - how do I do this?


Please note we review submissions on a rolling basis, and are usually at least 2-3 months booked out. Donation based gig information may be found here, and ticketed gig information may be found here


Due to the large amount of inquiries we receive, we're in the midst of refining our booking process... 


Moving forward, ticketed shows will only be considered when acts/promoters propose at least (2) bands on the bill, with at least (1) of them being local support. We'll continue booking singular acts for donation-based gigs, and those sets are 60 or 90 minutes long. Please indicate which you prefer in your message! 


Note: Artist submissions with live performance videos, audio recordings, links to social media accounts/websites, and preferred dates often receive the quickest responses!


A note on Solo Artists: BPM doesn’t book solo performers outside of our weekly Open Mic Featured Artist and monthly Songwriters in the Round. Performing as an Open Mic Featured Artist is a great way to expand your following in our area, as well as be considered for Songwriters in the Round. While there is no formal audition process to perform at BPM, we rely on your EPK and live performance footage to gauge what may be the best fit!


Can I rent BPM for my private event?


Yes! Check out our private events page to learn more.

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